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5 Questions for True Detective Executive Producer, Richard Brown

08 July 2014 | No Comments | LASTLOOK Team
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As executive producer on HBO’s Emmy Award Winning “True Detective,” Richard Brown has had an exciting year. Born in Scotland, Brown began his career in the music industry working as a talent scout for Island Records and Geffen Records, before moving into the film world in the mid-90s, transitioning into the role of producer. He’s since gone on to produce films in America and the UK, and create and produce “The Directors Label,” a hugely popular DVD series exploring the work of influential directors like Michael Gondry, Jonathan Glazer and Spike Jonze. Though he’s currently in pre-production for the highly anticipated second season of “True Detective,” Brown recently emailed LASTBLOG from his Soho apartment in New York City, to talk about the runaway success of “True Detective,” the ways in which his role as producer allows him to collaborate with directors, and several of the exciting new projects he has in the pipeline.


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