2016 Tribeca Film Festival: Leveraging Last Look to Receive a Rave Review

26 April 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd



As the Annual Tribeca Film Festival 2016 comes to a close, we take a look back at the awe-inspiring stories, exceptional cinematography and the amount of hardwork and dedication that went into each film. A team collaborates on each step of movie production from ideation to execution through scriptwriting, shooting, and editing up until screening the final product. Most of these steps happen between individuals across the globe. A consistent, streamlined conversation is critical to a film’s success. Last Look strives to organize these types of conversations and critiques so that despite differing time zones, editors and producers can have a single platform to share image updates, comment, and gain approvals. “Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” is a spotlight film starring Masie Williams, Jessica Beil, and Jason Sudekis that took ten years to create. Ten years of countless pitches, edits, and approvals. Last Look can help increase efficiency in every phase of the development process: determining sets, selecting actors, deciding on promotional collateral and more. To have all conversations consolidated on one platform easily transferable from your phone to desktop is invaluable.  The way film is produced and experienced is constantly evolving and Last Look is a platform that ensures all decisions made behind the scenes ensure a standing ovation.

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