The Storyteller

Fashion Stylist Christine de Lassus Tells Stories Through Clothing

19 August 2014 | 4 Comments | LASTLOOK Team
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When fashion stylist Christine de Lassus looks at clothes, the first thing she sees is a story. The cut, the drape, the history behind the piece; everything about it mixes with her knowledge of the industry, to create narratives that bring the fashion world to life.



The Fixer

A Conversation with Fashion Designer Lynne Hiriak

01 July 2014 | 1 Comment | LASTLOOK Team
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Lynne Hiriak owns more sweaters than anyone you know. Being forced to wear sweaters almost every day during her formative years, it’s no surprise her personal collection currently hovers around 200. Throughout her professional career, Hiriak has become something of an expert on the garment, honing her specialty during her time as a knitwear director at Michael Kors, and sharing that knowledge as a consultant to labels like Derek Lam and Ralph Rucci. Outside of her consulting work, Hiriak runs Cardigan New York, her own boutique label specializing in knitwear and ready to wear pieces. A long time resident of New York City, she recently spoke with LASTBLOG about her love of sweaters, her experiences collaborating with major fashion labels and her evolving relationship with the city she calls home.


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