How to Debate & Choose Art on LASTLOOK

15 May 2015 | No Comments | LASTLOOK Team
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A great way to use LASTLOOK is for sharing art.  It works great for all types of people interested in art; gallerists, buyers, interior designers or simply interested fairgoers! For instance, the LASTLOOK team went to Frieze NY on Thursday and shared lots of snapshots.

First step is to create the project. Tap the + icon in the bottom left to create the project. Here, I add in a title, a profile photo (tap the folder icon to change the profile photo), and add members to the project.


As I wander through the art fair, I upload photos in the moment.  Tap the camera icon in the bottom center to take a new photo in the app.


Then, I can add in comments, sharing the artist info, pricing and/or my thoughts on the piece. The other members of the project then get notified of the new additions in this project, and can give their feedback. I’m automatically notified in the app once they do, and can easily see the new activity in both the grid view (second icon in top menu bar) and the activity feed (last icon in top menu bar). If you click on the notification in the activity feed, it will bring you directly to the photo in question.


From there, I can just scroll through the feedback. And that’s it! Try it out this weekend at Frieze and let us know your thoughts.