Pick your Wedding Cake Using LASTLOOK

It’s wedding season, and LASTLOOK is the perfect tool to  plan yours. Whether you’re working with a planner, consulting with your best friends, or pulling from a plan you’ve been building your entire life, LASTLOOK is the perfect tool to make sure your wedding is a hit. Recently, one of our users decided what cake to have at her wedding using LASTLOOK, and was kind enough to share it her experience with us.


After opening her project in LASTLOOK, Ada checks in on her wedding cakes project, and checks to see which of her friends have joined the project, and takes a look at all the cakes they’ve suggested thus far.

User Posts

Scrolling through her project, Ada finds a couple cakes she posted pictures of, both of which have new feedback from her friends Dayna and Alison.

Zoomed Cakes

Because the cake images are tall, sometimes they don’t fully fit on Ada’s phone screen. Luckily, she can tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right of any image and see a version of the image scaled to fit her phone perfectly

Find a Photo on the Web

Ada and her fiancé haven’t tried any new cakes recently, so she decides to look for a couple ideas on the internet.  She taps the add photo button, selects “Find Photo on the Web,” and does a Google Image search for Wedding Cakes from right within the app. Any photos she finds in the search can be added to the project directly from the search.

Decision Posts

Ada didn’t find any good cakes in this search, but luckily Dayna just uploaded an idea that she loves. It looks like Ada found a great idea for her wedding cake.

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