Learn How Last Look Can Help With Market Work


Magic market, Vegas 2015

By: Kara Ladd

Market exhibitions such as Magic Vegas, Project New York, and ENK are large-scale fashion marketplaces that showcase the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing. These events are vital to a store’s success buyers strategize what products they would like to prospectively stock. There are a wide variety of brands that attend the market exhibitions giving buyers a lot of options, but also a lot of time consuming decisions to make.

Last Look can help drive efficiency and decrease the amount of time spent selecting products for a store. Most companies have a handful of team members attend market, but it be beneficial if the individuals that aren’t at the exhibition could see the product selection in real time and give their input. Individuals could comment, edit, and approve the season’s upcoming product mix in a fast, efficient manner. By the time the buyers leave the exhibition, all of the product photos could be proactively screened. The export aspect of the app is very beneficial for circumstances such as this given the photos could be passed along to multiple teams and departments. Furthermore, the projects can be separated by season and kept on hand as an additional archive.

On the opposing side, brands that are attending market to sell their products could utilize Last Look as well. If products are uploaded on the app, then associates can take note of buyers’ comments on the corresponding product photo. Consequently, the app can help a brand tailor its product line to the most attractive pieces, further innovating and improving the company’s design, aesthetic, and profitability.

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