June’s 5 Quotable Quotes

Here are 5 of our favorite Quotes from June

1. “Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, photo by Blossom Berkofsky

1. “The ideas are never too big, the budgets are too small.” – Justin Lowe

photo by Blossom Berkofsky

Laura Albert, Photo by  Laura Chivet

2. “Art is the opportunity to change the way you think, which means you can never be fooled…” – Laura Albert

photo by Laura Chivet



3. “Diane Pernet at ASVOFF6 Tokyo

3. “I champion creativity. That is what interests me most.” – Diane Pernet




Black Acid co op - 2009

4. “We want it to have the quality of the uncanny. You know it but it’s different – like traveling through a foreign country might be.” – Jonah Freeman




Sebastien Leon, photo by Thomas Derain

5. “Most of the time I feel as if I donʼt control my work as much as I channel it, so I welcome accidents, limitations and explorations.” – Sebastien Leon

photo by Thomas Derain



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