July’s 5 Quotable Quotes

Here are 5 of our favorite Quotes from July

Tommy Zung

1. “[I] needed to live life in order to have substance and authenticity behind the design” – Tommy Zung


Ji Lee

2. “It doesn’t take a lot of people to create something amazing. It can take one or four people who are really driven and like minded to create something that has amazing meaning and value to millions of people in the world.” – Ji Lee


Lynne Hiriak

3. “Ideas come more freely when I’m in open air. Designing has less limitations without the constrictions and distractions of the city.” – Lynne Hiriak

photo by Trevor Smith

Montauk Beach House by Studio Zung

4. “I think at this point with the world being flat, or smaller, or however you want to say it, there’s not seven degrees of separation any more. There’s two, there’s three. There’s more connectedness within the world. There’s a knowledge of what’s happening.” – Tommy Zung


Richard Brown on the set of True Detective

5.  “… the main producer is usually involved in a project from inception to release, and the job involves overseeing all aspects of the process. You could compare it to putting a jigsaw puzzle together.” – Richard Brown


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