5 Hot Survival Tips for Summer Weddings

17 July 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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1. Opt for an indoor & outdoor location

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Summer weather can be unpredictable. It can be extremely hot during the day and evolve into a brisk chill during the evenings. It’s wise to have the option to be inside or outside at a wedding in the summertime so guests can have the choice to relax in the shade or catch some rays outside in the sun. Accessorize the space with not only decor and flowers, but water misters and fans for your guests. It will give the environment a fun, playful ambiance and guests can take them home as a gift to use throughout the summer.

2. Have “vacation supplies” on demand

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Your wedding is just like an amazing vacation, but hopefully without the mosquito bites and sunburn. Make sure to have sunscreen and repellent on hand ready for your guests to use before, after, and during the festivities. Try to merchandise the supplies to create a catered, pleasant experience.

3. Cold drinks, not cold feet

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Who doesn’t like a frozen drink on a hot summer day? Make sure to include both non-alcoholic and alcoholic frozen cocktails so all guests can enjoy something sweet to beat the heat. Other beverages to have on your big day include fruit infused water and juices so your guests stay hydrated and can last through the night!

4. Go light on the food

Note, heavy food and heat do not mix! Choose your spread wisely and include dishes should that are refreshing and light.. Fruit in the summertime is always a good idea. For horderves try fruit skewers, watermelon and feta bites, or tropical mango spring rolls.

5. Don’t let your flowers fall

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Yes, flowers grow outside however, they tend to droop when large quantities are gathered in a small space that is wet and humid. Refrigerate your flowers before the big event so they stay cool and crisp. Place empty vases with floating flowers around the venue so that bridesmaids can delicately place their blooms somewhere convenient, yet decorative.

Don’t know how to implement the above tips? Try uploading ideas onto your Last Look app to discuss, edit, and approve with your bridal party, family, or soon-to-be husband!


How Will Brexit Effect The Global Creative Industry

09 July 2016 | 1 Comment | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd

The British withdrawal from the European Union has been a long term political goal spearheaded by various political parties, activists, and thought leaders ever since the UK joined the EU in 1973. One of the largest cities in the UK, London, has been a leading city in the creative industry housing some of the most influential museums, art & design schools, and events. From London Fashion Week to the Victoria & Albert Museum and Central Saint Martins, the list goes on. United Kingdom’s influence spans far beyond the city of London, however, it is apparent that Brexit will cause major changes, for both the city and the global creative industry.

Given the high valuation of quality products in the United Kingdom, trade is a rising concern. As a result of Brexit, new trade regulations will alter the economy on a global scale, possibly removing the UK as one of the world’s economic leaders. British products hold a unique value compared to other international products. There is a chance that British products’ value will be greatly diminished due to the break from the EU. The departure from the European Union decreases the overall capital in the UK, which is bad news for emerging designers and creatives given investments will be more risky. On the other hand, the depreciation of the pound will most likely increases tourism but create more expensive costs to outsource goods and services. There are numerous predictions and theories floating around in regards to Brexit. Amidst the political and economic unrest, the creative industry must continue to rise above and flourish in the face of global uncertainty.

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The Importance of Social Media Strategy

14 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd

Over the past ten years the entire digital marketing landscape has transformed. Social media engagement with your consumers through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat has become a vital asset to increase exposure, leads, and sales. Social applications allow users to connect with brands quickly and freely, which also means that brands must curate content at a rapid pace to stay top of mind. However, a company must not diminish quality just because they are creating frequent content. A company must find a healthy balance of quality and quantity. As a result, social media teams must adapt and embrace new digital strategies to help create a seamless flow of brand communication, both B2B and B2C.

New job positions, departments, and technology have also come to fruition and continue to evolve in the ever-changing digital world. Last Look is an app that will stay relevant amidst all of the technological innovation. The app implements a very simple method of valuable image and editorial approvals that can benefit numerous business sectors, especially social media. It is formatted as a constant exchange of marketing collateral and communication, which helps brands stay up to date and on schedule in the fast-paced social media marketing industry. It can be a challenge to delegate and manage social media tasks, but Last Look easily organizes projects and duties generating a steady method from brainstorm and ideation to execution. Last Look was created to support and reinforce the idea that social media is at the heart of digital strategy today.



How Last Look Can Help With Supply Chain Management

04 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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BANGLADESH BUILDING RESCUE ENDS...epa03699470 An army soldier takes part in a special prayer in front of the damaged site after the end of the rescue work after 20 days following the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 14 May 2013. Reports state that the death toll rose to over 1,127 and 2,438 people rescued alive after the eight-storey building Rana Plaza, which mostly housed garment factories, collapsed on 24 April 2012. EPA/ABIR ABDULLAH

BANGLADESH BUILDING RESCUE ENDS…epa03699470 An army soldier takes part in a special prayer in front of the damaged site after the end of the rescue work after 20 days following the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 14 May 2013. Reports state that the death toll rose to over 1,127 and 2,438 people rescued alive after the eight-storey building Rana Plaza, which mostly housed garment factories, collapsed on 24 April 2012. EPA/ABIR ABDULLAH

By: Kara Ladd

“Sustainability”, a buzzy topic over the past few years as brands as begin to further embrace eco-friendly initiatives.  By educating consumers about transparency, all brands can unite and make a difference. Reflecting on this past Fashion Revolution Week, we saw brands, consumers, and everyone in between, come together to enforce transparency and inspire social responsibility.

The Fashion Revolution was born after the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 24, 2013 where 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured. From April 18 through April 24, people from all over the world will use their voice as a catalyst for change in the fashion industry. Fashion can and should be made in an ethical, socially responsible, and humane way where quality standards, the environment and workers are valued equally.

As a designer, it is likely that your clothes are produced across the globe, but that isn’t an excuse to not have your finger on the pulse of your manufacturing and production. Social media, technology, and apps like Last Look can aid in creating a tighter hold on your supply chain. Last Look can provide an easy, time efficient evaluation process between designers and manufacturers.  As your manufacturer shares photos, you can further share them with your social media followers to show the story from cradle to cradle. The flow of goods and services can be separated into projects on Last Look:raw materials, work-in-progress, inventory, and finished goods. Photos can then be shared, reviewed and approved by all sectors of the business.

Consumers are beginning to care more about where their products are made and collaboration is key to improve global quality and safety standards. Authenticity and genuine accountability is a rising trend in not just the fashion industry, but all industries. There is an overabundance of media in the marketplace today, and consumers are increasingly more informed and can detect signs of artificiality. Utilize Last Look not only to improve standards on the back end of your company, but on the front end as well. Help educate, inform, and inspire your consumers!


Top 5 Wedding Destinations for Globetrotters

02 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd

Planning a wedding is like juggling 100 balls at once. When you are making essential decisions for your “big day” you want to make sure everything is on point. Furthermore, it always helps to receive as many opinions and insights as you can. Acting as a primary means of communication, Last Look can help make your decisions painless and stress free. Add your bridesmaids to one group to find the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses or add your parents to get their advice on what space to have the rehearsal dinner. By having your “projects” conveniently organized, your wedding will be a piece of cake!

If you are one who likes to have loads of photos, then the search tool will be key. Upload as many options as you want and narrow it down by reading the comments and concerns of your peers. You can also keep your wedding party in sync with new approvals and updates. If they aren’t consistently using the app, but you want their insight, you can try exporting your approved photos and send them via email to hear their thoughts.

A wedding location may be something more personal that you and your fiancé may want to decide together. Last Look can still come in handy when uploading photos back and forth throughout the day when the two of you aren’t planning together. You can comment throughout the week and then sit down together during the weekend to review. To help jumpstart your planning, check out the top five wanderlust wedding destinations.

Bali : Eco Paradise Bambu Indah




South Africa: Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, Western Cape




India: Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur



Umaid Bhawan Palace/Jodhpur/India

Aspen: Hotel Jerome Auberg Resorts

gal_hotel2 (1)  gal_wed_wheeler1 (1)

gal_accom_execste2 (1)

Croatia : Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik





2016 Tribeca Film Festival: Leveraging Last Look to Receive a Rave Review

26 April 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd



As the Annual Tribeca Film Festival 2016 comes to a close, we take a look back at the awe-inspiring stories, exceptional cinematography and the amount of hardwork and dedication that went into each film. A team collaborates on each step of movie production from ideation to execution through scriptwriting, shooting, and editing up until screening the final product. Most of these steps happen between individuals across the globe. A consistent, streamlined conversation is critical to a film’s success. Last Look strives to organize these types of conversations and critiques so that despite differing time zones, editors and producers can have a single platform to share image updates, comment, and gain approvals. “Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” is a spotlight film starring Masie Williams, Jessica Beil, and Jason Sudekis that took ten years to create. Ten years of countless pitches, edits, and approvals. Last Look can help increase efficiency in every phase of the development process: determining sets, selecting actors, deciding on promotional collateral and more. To have all conversations consolidated on one platform easily transferable from your phone to desktop is invaluable.  The way film is produced and experienced is constantly evolving and Last Look is a platform that ensures all decisions made behind the scenes ensure a standing ovation.

Check out more about the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival here.



Quote: Pedro Almodóvar

20 August 2015 | No Comments | Dylan Samson

I loved to give my own version of stories that everybody already knew.

– Pedro Almodóvar