Pick your Wedding Cake Using LASTLOOK

25 June 2015 | 1 Comment | Dylan Samson

It’s wedding season, and LASTLOOK is the perfect tool to  plan yours. Whether you’re working with a planner, consulting with your best friends, or pulling from a plan you’ve been building your entire life, LASTLOOK is the perfect tool to make sure your wedding is a hit. Recently, one of our users decided what cake to have at her wedding using LASTLOOK, and was kind enough to share it her experience with us.

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Approve and Reject Imagery with Your Interior Designer

11 June 2015 | No Comments | Dylan Samson

Anything from planning a wedding to designing your home is made so much easier using LASTLOOK — it’s really the perfect tool for managing design projects. Recently, our friend Ann has been doing just that, working with an interior designer to make sure her new apartment looks fantastic. They’ve been tracking the entire project using LASTLOOK, and were kind enough to share some of the highlights with us, showing off just how simple LASTLOOK has made the entire process.

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How to Debate & Choose Art on LASTLOOK

15 May 2015 | No Comments | LASTLOOK Team
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A great way to use LASTLOOK is for sharing art.  It works great for all types of people interested in art; gallerists, buyers, interior designers or simply interested fairgoers! For instance, the LASTLOOK team went to Frieze NY on Thursday and shared lots of snapshots.

First step is to create the project. Tap the + icon in the bottom left to create the project. Here, I add in a title, a profile photo (tap the folder icon to change the profile photo), and add members to the project.


As I wander through the art fair, I upload photos in the moment.  Tap the camera icon in the bottom center to take a new photo in the app.


Then, I can add in comments, sharing the artist info, pricing and/or my thoughts on the piece. The other members of the project then get notified of the new additions in this project, and can give their feedback. I’m automatically notified in the app once they do, and can easily see the new activity in both the grid view (second icon in top menu bar) and the activity feed (last icon in top menu bar). If you click on the notification in the activity feed, it will bring you directly to the photo in question.


From there, I can just scroll through the feedback. And that’s it! Try it out this weekend at Frieze and let us know your thoughts.





How To Organize Your Images for Social Media

07 May 2015 | No Comments | LASTLOOK Team

We use the LASTLOOK app internally at our company every day for all different kinds of projects. One of the key ways we use it is for images we publish on social media. The CEO, Andréa Marcucci, reviews everything we publish to make sure it’s on brand. For instance, in this project, Claire, our head of marketing, uploaded photos for a feature on fashion designers on Mondays. The options for the photos for each designer were uploaded into LASTLOOK, so Andréa could easily review which ones she approved, and which ones she didn’t like.


On Claire’s end, it was super simple to see which ones were set to go on social media, and which ones were a no go. From there, Claire kept track of the ones she had posted, and those that were approved and not yet posted, by making comments on the photo.


Finally, if Andréa saw something on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, she didn’t remember approving, she could go back in the activity feed and check out whether or not she had in fact approved it, and at what moment.


Using LASTLOOK for this approval process saves us tons of time and keeps everyone accountable. Have you tried using LASTLOOK with your marketing team internally? Leave us your feedback in the comment box below and let us know how you used the app for marketing or social media.



How to Manage Your Favorite Recipes

01 May 2015 | No Comments | LASTLOOK Team
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This month, we’re featuring how the LASTLOOK team uses the app. We’re kicking it off with Claire, our head of marketing, who loves to cook and especially to bake, and uses LASTLOOK to manage her recipes. She spends a lot of time in her parents’ home in upstate NY, where she takes advantage of the large kitchen and range of appliances to test new recipes. We’ll let her take it from here!


I want to tell you about how I use LASTLOOK to organize recipes. I find that I like to keep track of what I cook, and how good it was. So I’ll take photos of recipes after I’ve made them, and then I can scroll through the grid to look back.


This view on my food pics allows me to draw inspiration for my next meal. Also, when I click on an item, I can see the notes I put in to remember the next time I make them, like in the below.


This a great way to use the app alone to sort through your images and keep notes! Try it out for yourself and let us know if you have any questions.


Andréa Marcucci's Productivity Tips And Tutorials

Productivity Tip XVII

27 April 2015 | No Comments | LASTLOOK Team

Set a deadline for projects on LASTLOOK.

When creating your project, select the dropdown arrow to the right of the project title, and add in a deadline. This will alert all project participants when the project is nearing its deadline and will encourage speedy feedback.


LASTLOOK 101 And Tutorials

Create and Track a Project

22 October 2014 | No Comments | LASTLOOK Team
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Learn how to get started with a LASTLOOK project, track feedback and approvals from your team, and come to a decision as a group.

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