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Women Walk at Mens Spring 2017 Shows

17 June 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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Sibling, Look 24 (Photo Courtesy, Vogue Runway).


Coach, Look 3 (Photo Courtesy, Vogue Runway).

Christopher Raeburn6

Christopher Raeburn, Look 6 (Photo Courtesy, Vogue Runway).


Agi & Sam, Look 15 (Photo Courtesy, Vogue Runway).

Men’s fashion week is taking the world by storm. Although men’s designers have always had a prominent place in the industry, fashion has stereotypically been a women-dominated industry. In recent years, women have began to appear in men’s fashion shows, however this season it has become commonplace. At the London Collections: Men a myriad of women models walked the runway, portraying the integration of men’s and women’s, once segregated, identities in fashion.

It is not the first time designers have cast women, but it was never a prevailing theme. Among many other shows, women walked at Public School, Coach, Craig Green, and Christopher Raeburn. There are many reasons that designers are now showcasing women and women’s clothing during men’s fashion week. For example, the female models and apparel foreshadow the upcoming women’s collection, which could perhaps incentivize buyers to attend more men’s shows. If true, the increase in buyer attention will inevitably bring about more press attention. Many designers have merged their men’s and women’s shows completely. A strategy that is manifesting among both the emerging and more seasoned designers.

Overall, women’s prominent presence at LCM exhibits that we are living in an increasingly genderless, androgynous world. The LBGT community has fostered a buzzy social media revolution, which has inspired fashion brands to join the movement with transgendered brand ambassadors, models, uni-sex campaigns and collections.


Learn How Last Look Can Help With Market Work

06 June 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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Magic market, Vegas 2015

By: Kara Ladd

Market exhibitions such as Magic Vegas, Project New York, and ENK are large-scale fashion marketplaces that showcase the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing. These events are vital to a store’s success buyers strategize what products they would like to prospectively stock. There are a wide variety of brands that attend the market exhibitions giving buyers a lot of options, but also a lot of time consuming decisions to make.

Last Look can help drive efficiency and decrease the amount of time spent selecting products for a store. Most companies have a handful of team members attend market, but it be beneficial if the individuals that aren’t at the exhibition could see the product selection in real time and give their input. Individuals could comment, edit, and approve the season’s upcoming product mix in a fast, efficient manner. By the time the buyers leave the exhibition, all of the product photos could be proactively screened. The export aspect of the app is very beneficial for circumstances such as this given the photos could be passed along to multiple teams and departments. Furthermore, the projects can be separated by season and kept on hand as an additional archive.

On the opposing side, brands that are attending market to sell their products could utilize Last Look as well. If products are uploaded on the app, then associates can take note of buyers’ comments on the corresponding product photo. Consequently, the app can help a brand tailor its product line to the most attractive pieces, further innovating and improving the company’s design, aesthetic, and profitability.


5 Covetable Wedding Accessories for the Bride-to-Be

02 June 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd

One of the best parts of an engagement is shopping for the wedding accessories, of course. However, despite how much fun shopping for the “big day” can be, it can also be stressful. A bride has a lot of pressure to find flawless accessories that portray her unique style, beauty, and love. Hence why brides tend to bring their closest friends and family shopping to find the wedding dress and accessories of their dreams. The dress is always a showstopper and most of the time takes precedence, while the accessories are often left as the final touch like frosting on a cake.

Last Look is the quintessential platform for gaining feedback for small wedding details such as the bride’s shoes, bags, or jewelry. All of the accessories can be reviewed, discussed, and finally approved. The bride can easily keep photos confidential or tailored to a specific viewing party by strategically adding certain individuals to particular “projects” on the app. For example, the groom traditionally can not see the wedding dress, so he could only have access to projects such as the location or flowers.The separation of projects can be a huge organizational asset as there are so many tasks at hand when planning a wedding–large or small.

For the all of the brides who resonate with the roller coaster of emotions that comes with shopping for the perfect wedding accessories, we are here to help. Take the wedding planning one approval at a time with Last Look and keep reading for five chic, quirky, and covetable wedding accessories for the modern-day bride.

1. Wedding Belles Ampersand Clutch, Kate Spade New York, $358.00

KateSpadeAmpersand Clutch








2. Grace Gold-Tone Onyx Headband, Rosantica available at Net-A-Porter, $360

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.38.49 PM

3. Phoenix Capelet, Beholden, $425

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.52.51 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.52.45 PM

4. Double Crystal Orchid Bobbypin, Jennifer Behr, $352

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.47.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.48.36 PM

5. Coco Crystal Pumps, Sophia Webster, $540


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.55.22 PM


News Alert: Kenzo x H&M Collaboration Announced

26 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.48.34 AM

By: Kara Ladd

H&M the Swedish fast-fashion powerhouse, has recently revealed it’s newest designer collaboration with Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo. H&M has gone beyond stereotypical boundaries of a fast-fashion company, contributing to the world of sustainability and continuously collaborating with renowned designers to create affordable and accessible apparel for the masses. The women’s and men’s collection will be stocked in 250 H&M stores worldwide and online November 3rd.

H&M isn’t new to the collab world, partnering in the past with designers such as Balmain, Alexander Wang, and Isabel Marant. Kenzo is also well-seasoned, recently partnering with the Disney Collection, The Jungle Book movie. It was inevitable that the two talented brands would join forces sooner or later.


H&M and Kenzo’s partnership exhibits the notion that collaboration is trending in the fashion, art, and production worlds. Brands and companies are pooling their resources in order to create optimal products and services. In an interview with Vogue, Kenzo’s Humberto Leon voiced, “To us, the H&M collaborations have always felt like celebrations of the brands they’ve done them with. They’ve done them so well.”

Collaborations are not an easy feat, as you are working with two teams that have very different, yet parallel aesthetics, methods, and strategies. It is easy to get caught up in confusing email chains and unorganized brainstorm sessions when working with more than one company. Last Look can help keep ideas for the prospective partnership in one central place. For example, If Kenzo is creating an inspiration board, they can easily keep H&M in the loop and upload the photos on the app so both companies can be on the same page when they convene in person. Kenzo could also keep the project private within their design team until they feel their work is up to a standard that they would want to reveal to H&M. There are so many steps and processes in order to create a successful collaboration between two iconic companies, such as H&M and Kenzo. The foundation of Last Look was built upon the idea of collaboration, thus making it the perfect fashion-tech platform for a high-caliber collaboration such as H&M and Kenzo.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for November 3rd, we know we won’t!


Did You Know Last Look Can Help Create Your Lookbook?

17 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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Behind the scenes Magaschoni Fall 2016 lookbook


Benjamin Eidem for Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2016 (via The Fashion Spot)

By: Kara Ladd

A designer’s lookbook is a set of styled photographs displaying a fashion designer’s new collection. Not only is a lookbook important for a brand’s marketing success, but it is an outlet of creative inspiration for the designer. They have full authority to relay to the buyers how they personally picture how their clothes should be styled and portrayed to the public. Creating a lookbook is often very stressful as it is sent out to the most renowned editors, buyers, bloggers, and influencers in the industry. The constant design process and stress to produce collections at a rapid pace also adds to the anxiety of creating an aesthetically pleasing lookbook.

Brands are gearing away from physical lookbooks, due to a rise in sustainable and digital innovation. Programs and applications such as Adobe are utilized frequently, but there isn’t a seamless platform of collaboration and communication that is timely. What if you are shooting your lookbook in France, but your marketing team is in New York? Yes, you can easily email the photos after the shoot, but then there is the hassle of a communicating via a lengthy email chain.  Hypothetically, if you were to take your lookbook photos on your iPhone utilizing Last Look, you can edit and approve the photos during the shoot! Obviously, there is a lot more thought that goes into it, however, the point is Last Look can help weed out the inefficiencies when creating a lookbook. All team sectors (design, photography, social, marketing etc) can easily weigh in on what photos they believe look the best. Spring/Summer 2017 collections are right around the corner, maybe it’s time you give Last Look a try!