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5 Questions for Writer, Laura Albert

15 February 2015 | No Comments | Claire De La Mothe Karoubi
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Laura Albert is the author of three extremely popular novels – Sarah, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, and Harold’s End – published under the name JT LeRoy. JT was Albert’s avatar, freeing her to craft a new voice in fiction, until 2006, when The New York Times revealed her to be the actual writer of the books. Albert had ingeniously hacked the literary establishment, and today enthusiasm for her writing – as JT and under her own name – continues to grow internationally. Jeffrey Deitch’s characterization of the JT LeRoy saga as “one of the most interesting contributions to art and literature of the past 20 years” is supported by such recent activities as Albert’s speaking engagement at The Moth and the hit Brazilian musical “JT, A Punk Fairy Tale.” Proclaimed “the indie fashion fighter” by the SF Chronicle, she has attended literary events and judged at film festivals worldwide, including Diane Pernet’s A Shaded View On Fashion Film. Laura Albert responded to LASTBLOG’s questions, emailing from San Francisco about her experience writing as JT LeRoy, some of her upcoming projects, and how her creative process has changed since she began publishing work under her own name.


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Spread the Word About LASTLOOK

16 October 2014 | No Comments | Claire De La Mothe Karoubi

Now that LASTLOOK is live in the iOS App Store, we need to spread the word. That’s where we need your help.

To get started with Thunderclap, just follow this step-by-step guide:

1.  Visit our Thunderclap Campaign right here

2.  Scroll down the page and you’ll see an option to “support with Facebook,” “support with twitter” and “support with Tumblr.”

3.  CLICK ON whichever of those buttons that you have an account with, and give Thunderclap permission to post from your accounts.

4.  You’re done!

Thunderclap will wait until the evening of October 29th to post on your behalf, so that all the posts will go out at the same time. If done properly, you won’t see anything show up on your social accounts’ immediately (unless you share the fact that you supported the campaign).

We can tell all of you about the launch of LASTLOOK 2.0, but with your help we can tell the world.