Approve and Reject Imagery with Your Interior Designer

Anything from planning a wedding to designing your home is made so much easier using LASTLOOK — it’s really the perfect tool for managing design projects. Recently, our friend Ann has been doing just that, working with an interior designer to make sure her new apartment looks fantastic. They’ve been tracking the entire project using LASTLOOK, and were kind enough to share some of the highlights with us, showing off just how simple LASTLOOK has made the entire process.

Joshua starts by uploading concept sketches to the project, showing Ann what his ideas for the different rooms are, giving rough dimensions for individual items, and sharing notes about the kinds of materials he thinks would work in each room. From there, Ann and Joshua comment on the sketches, discussing the ideas further.

Interior Design Field

As they find items they like out in the world, both Ann and Joshua can share them right within LASTLOOK, providing each other with great ideas and sources of inspiration.

Interior Design Tracking

Throughout the entire process Ann and Joshua use the grid view and activity feed to quickly stay up to date on the project, seeing what’s happened since they’ve last checked in and viewing the general consensus on any item or sketch they’ve shared.

Interior Design Export

Finally, to get feedback from friends and family who don’t use LASTLOOK, Ann can export the entire project as a PDF and email it to whoever she chooses. She can even choose whether or not to include existing comments and rejected images in the PDF, to have complete control over what information is sent to people outside the project.

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