5 Questions for Fashion Stylist, Wendy McNett

For our 5 Questions series, we ask creative professionals five questions about the nature of creation and collaboration. This week we spoke with freelance fashion stylist Wendy McNett. Based out of New York, Wendy has worked as a stylist for 18 years, mixing the glamorous with the experimental to develop a highly unique style. With work that has graced the pages of publications such as the foreign editions of Harper’s Bazaar, Wendy recently wrote to us from her home office in New York to talk about some of her previous projects, her views on collaboration, and some photographers and subjects she would love to work with.

1. LASTBLOG: Where do you go for inspiration?

Wendy McNett: Inspiration comes from many places…. people I see on the streets of New York, my subconscious, the personality of the person I’m dressing. Or sometimes the clothes themselves inspire a story.

2. LASTBLOG: Walk us through one of your favorite things you’ve created.

WM: I recently styled a fashion story for www.theimagista.com featuring a designer called Chromat. They make amazing caged garments that look almost like a grid over the body. We shot a dancer named Eila Valls. It was incredible to see photographer Carlos Serrao capture her movements with the grid-like clothes floating over her.

3. LASTBLOG: What is the value of collaboration?

WM: Collaboration is the foundation of fashion photography. You always have a model, photographer, stylist, hair and makeup, sometimes a set designer. Everyone must have the same vision and if one element is wrong, the whole thing won’t work. Sometimes you can only take your portion of the vision so far, and like minded people can expand your work in new directions.

4. LASTBLOG: Tell us about your most memorable collaboration to date.

WM: It was a long time ago but I really enjoyed working with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Such a talented actor and down to earth guy.

5. LASTBLOG: Who would you like to collaborate with, past or present? Why?

WM: I would love to collaborate with photographer Greg Kadel, his work is beautiful. And I’d love to dress actress Taylor Schilling, there’s something about her beauty that is natural and uncultivated.


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