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5 Hot Survival Tips for Summer Weddings

17 July 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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1. Opt for an indoor & outdoor location

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Summer weather can be unpredictable. It can be extremely hot during the day and evolve into a brisk chill during the evenings. It’s wise to have the option to be inside or outside at a wedding in the summertime so guests can have the choice to relax in the shade or catch some rays outside in the sun. Accessorize the space with not only decor and flowers, but water misters and fans for your guests. It will give the environment a fun, playful ambiance and guests can take them home as a gift to use throughout the summer.

2. Have “vacation supplies” on demand

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Your wedding is just like an amazing vacation, but hopefully without the mosquito bites and sunburn. Make sure to have sunscreen and repellent on hand ready for your guests to use before, after, and during the festivities. Try to merchandise the supplies to create a catered, pleasant experience.

3. Cold drinks, not cold feet

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Who doesn’t like a frozen drink on a hot summer day? Make sure to include both non-alcoholic and alcoholic frozen cocktails so all guests can enjoy something sweet to beat the heat. Other beverages to have on your big day include fruit infused water and juices so your guests stay hydrated and can last through the night!

4. Go light on the food

Note, heavy food and heat do not mix! Choose your spread wisely and include dishes should that are refreshing and light.. Fruit in the summertime is always a good idea. For horderves try fruit skewers, watermelon and feta bites, or tropical mango spring rolls.

5. Don’t let your flowers fall

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Yes, flowers grow outside however, they tend to droop when large quantities are gathered in a small space that is wet and humid. Refrigerate your flowers before the big event so they stay cool and crisp. Place empty vases with floating flowers around the venue so that bridesmaids can delicately place their blooms somewhere convenient, yet decorative.

Don’t know how to implement the above tips? Try uploading ideas onto your Last Look app to discuss, edit, and approve with your bridal party, family, or soon-to-be husband!


How Will Brexit Effect The Global Creative Industry

09 July 2016 | 1 Comment | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd

The British withdrawal from the European Union has been a long term political goal spearheaded by various political parties, activists, and thought leaders ever since the UK joined the EU in 1973. One of the largest cities in the UK, London, has been a leading city in the creative industry housing some of the most influential museums, art & design schools, and events. From London Fashion Week to the Victoria & Albert Museum and Central Saint Martins, the list goes on. United Kingdom’s influence spans far beyond the city of London, however, it is apparent that Brexit will cause major changes, for both the city and the global creative industry.

Given the high valuation of quality products in the United Kingdom, trade is a rising concern. As a result of Brexit, new trade regulations will alter the economy on a global scale, possibly removing the UK as one of the world’s economic leaders. British products hold a unique value compared to other international products. There is a chance that British products’ value will be greatly diminished due to the break from the EU. The departure from the European Union decreases the overall capital in the UK, which is bad news for emerging designers and creatives given investments will be more risky. On the other hand, the depreciation of the pound will most likely increases tourism but create more expensive costs to outsource goods and services. There are numerous predictions and theories floating around in regards to Brexit. Amidst the political and economic unrest, the creative industry must continue to rise above and flourish in the face of global uncertainty.