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News Alert: Kenzo x H&M Collaboration Announced

26 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd

H&M the Swedish fast-fashion powerhouse, has recently revealed it’s newest designer collaboration with Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo. H&M has gone beyond stereotypical boundaries of a fast-fashion company, contributing to the world of sustainability and continuously collaborating with renowned designers to create affordable and accessible apparel for the masses. The women’s and men’s collection will be stocked in 250 H&M stores worldwide and online November 3rd.

H&M isn’t new to the collab world, partnering in the past with designers such as Balmain, Alexander Wang, and Isabel Marant. Kenzo is also well-seasoned, recently partnering with the Disney Collection, The Jungle Book movie. It was inevitable that the two talented brands would join forces sooner or later.


H&M and Kenzo’s partnership exhibits the notion that collaboration is trending in the fashion, art, and production worlds. Brands and companies are pooling their resources in order to create optimal products and services. In an interview with Vogue, Kenzo’s Humberto Leon voiced, “To us, the H&M collaborations have always felt like celebrations of the brands they’ve done them with. They’ve done them so well.”

Collaborations are not an easy feat, as you are working with two teams that have very different, yet parallel aesthetics, methods, and strategies. It is easy to get caught up in confusing email chains and unorganized brainstorm sessions when working with more than one company. Last Look can help keep ideas for the prospective partnership in one central place. For example, If Kenzo is creating an inspiration board, they can easily keep H&M in the loop and upload the photos on the app so both companies can be on the same page when they convene in person. Kenzo could also keep the project private within their design team until they feel their work is up to a standard that they would want to reveal to H&M. There are so many steps and processes in order to create a successful collaboration between two iconic companies, such as H&M and Kenzo. The foundation of Last Look was built upon the idea of collaboration, thus making it the perfect fashion-tech platform for a high-caliber collaboration such as H&M and Kenzo.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for November 3rd, we know we won’t!

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Last Look User Spotlight: Bride-to-Be Alexandra Browne

24 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd


Alexandra Browne is a New York native, born and raised, and was engaged last December 2015. She is currently transitioning careers to manage a showroom in the Flatiron district of Manhattan and is moving homes, all on top of planning her wedding–which is next month! Structure and organization is essential when balancing this many tasks. Keep reading to find out Last Look helped Alexandra plan to tie the knot.

When did you start using Last Look?

Alexandra: I began using Last Look the moment I got engaged. I believe it’s one of the most important times a bride should utilize the app. I had so many ideas I wanted to incorporate into my big day so the app was a great way to keep everything organized. Right now, I have about 12 projects which I have been using the app for over the past year.

Who in your wedding party uses Last Look?

A: Primarily my bridesmaids and I. I have six bridesmaids who live all over–Long Island, Florida, Chicago, they’re everywhere. There are also six groomsmen in our wedding party, but mainly the bridesmaids use the app to coordinate small details and accessories.

How has Last Look made an impact on your wedding planning?

A: The app was the most helpful when picking out bridesmaids dresses. I decided on the Jenny Yoo Soft Tulle Collection, but wasn’t sure of the cut or color I wanted. I was between Lilac and Mayan Blue. I had my bridesmaids try them on and upload photos to see what cut and color worked best. A unique feature of the collection is that it can be styled in several ways because the loose panel design. The panels can be tied in any way imaginable. I wanted each bridesmaid to wear the dress a little differently, so it was great to be able to share feedback in one central place.






How often do you use Last Look and at what time during the day?

A: I do my wedding planning in bursts. I would hard core plan for two weeks then take a break to balance work and travel. When I’m in the “wedding planning zone”, I use it a lot. Probably daily during those times, either after my 5:00 am work out and while commuting to work or right before bed around 10:00pm.

Do you use Last Look outside of your wedding planning?

A: In the past, I managed social media profiles for various companies. If someone wanted to approve a photo, I would often share the picture through the app. Sharing photos through the app was often more convenient than sending an email or meeting in person. I also used the app from time to time with my fiancé when deciding on home decor. We are in the process of moving, so the app was very useful when envisioning a layout for a particular room.




What feature of the app do you like the most?

A: I love the check “yes” and x “no” feature. It’s an easy way to give feedback quickly rather than writing out a whole comment. I also like the export to PDF feature because I can save the photos and comments on my computer or easily send to my friends and family.

Have your friends and/or peers involved in your wedding given you further feedback about the app?

A: My bridesmaids like how easy it was to use. Different people in my bridal party like to communicate in different ways–some like to talk on the phone, some like to text, and some like to use the app. Overall, I received great feedback as the app is extremely user friendly. One of my bridesmaids just got engaged last week and after using it for my wedding, I think she will use it for hers too!


Did You Know Last Look Can Help Create Your Lookbook?

17 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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Behind the scenes Magaschoni Fall 2016 lookbook


Benjamin Eidem for Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2016 (via The Fashion Spot)

By: Kara Ladd

A designer’s lookbook is a set of styled photographs displaying a fashion designer’s new collection. Not only is a lookbook important for a brand’s marketing success, but it is an outlet of creative inspiration for the designer. They have full authority to relay to the buyers how they personally picture how their clothes should be styled and portrayed to the public. Creating a lookbook is often very stressful as it is sent out to the most renowned editors, buyers, bloggers, and influencers in the industry. The constant design process and stress to produce collections at a rapid pace also adds to the anxiety of creating an aesthetically pleasing lookbook.

Brands are gearing away from physical lookbooks, due to a rise in sustainable and digital innovation. Programs and applications such as Adobe are utilized frequently, but there isn’t a seamless platform of collaboration and communication that is timely. What if you are shooting your lookbook in France, but your marketing team is in New York? Yes, you can easily email the photos after the shoot, but then there is the hassle of a communicating via a lengthy email chain.  Hypothetically, if you were to take your lookbook photos on your iPhone utilizing Last Look, you can edit and approve the photos during the shoot! Obviously, there is a lot more thought that goes into it, however, the point is Last Look can help weed out the inefficiencies when creating a lookbook. All team sectors (design, photography, social, marketing etc) can easily weigh in on what photos they believe look the best. Spring/Summer 2017 collections are right around the corner, maybe it’s time you give Last Look a try!

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The Importance of Social Media Strategy

14 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd

Over the past ten years the entire digital marketing landscape has transformed. Social media engagement with your consumers through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat has become a vital asset to increase exposure, leads, and sales. Social applications allow users to connect with brands quickly and freely, which also means that brands must curate content at a rapid pace to stay top of mind. However, a company must not diminish quality just because they are creating frequent content. A company must find a healthy balance of quality and quantity. As a result, social media teams must adapt and embrace new digital strategies to help create a seamless flow of brand communication, both B2B and B2C.

New job positions, departments, and technology have also come to fruition and continue to evolve in the ever-changing digital world. Last Look is an app that will stay relevant amidst all of the technological innovation. The app implements a very simple method of valuable image and editorial approvals that can benefit numerous business sectors, especially social media. It is formatted as a constant exchange of marketing collateral and communication, which helps brands stay up to date and on schedule in the fast-paced social media marketing industry. It can be a challenge to delegate and manage social media tasks, but Last Look easily organizes projects and duties generating a steady method from brainstorm and ideation to execution. Last Look was created to support and reinforce the idea that social media is at the heart of digital strategy today.



Geomarketing: Last Look App Brings An ‘On-Demand’ Angle To Content Approval

10 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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How Last Look Can Help With Supply Chain Management

04 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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BANGLADESH BUILDING RESCUE ENDS...epa03699470 An army soldier takes part in a special prayer in front of the damaged site after the end of the rescue work after 20 days following the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 14 May 2013. Reports state that the death toll rose to over 1,127 and 2,438 people rescued alive after the eight-storey building Rana Plaza, which mostly housed garment factories, collapsed on 24 April 2012. EPA/ABIR ABDULLAH

BANGLADESH BUILDING RESCUE ENDS…epa03699470 An army soldier takes part in a special prayer in front of the damaged site after the end of the rescue work after 20 days following the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 14 May 2013. Reports state that the death toll rose to over 1,127 and 2,438 people rescued alive after the eight-storey building Rana Plaza, which mostly housed garment factories, collapsed on 24 April 2012. EPA/ABIR ABDULLAH

By: Kara Ladd

“Sustainability”, a buzzy topic over the past few years as brands as begin to further embrace eco-friendly initiatives.  By educating consumers about transparency, all brands can unite and make a difference. Reflecting on this past Fashion Revolution Week, we saw brands, consumers, and everyone in between, come together to enforce transparency and inspire social responsibility.

The Fashion Revolution was born after the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 24, 2013 where 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured. From April 18 through April 24, people from all over the world will use their voice as a catalyst for change in the fashion industry. Fashion can and should be made in an ethical, socially responsible, and humane way where quality standards, the environment and workers are valued equally.

As a designer, it is likely that your clothes are produced across the globe, but that isn’t an excuse to not have your finger on the pulse of your manufacturing and production. Social media, technology, and apps like Last Look can aid in creating a tighter hold on your supply chain. Last Look can provide an easy, time efficient evaluation process between designers and manufacturers.  As your manufacturer shares photos, you can further share them with your social media followers to show the story from cradle to cradle. The flow of goods and services can be separated into projects on Last Look:raw materials, work-in-progress, inventory, and finished goods. Photos can then be shared, reviewed and approved by all sectors of the business.

Consumers are beginning to care more about where their products are made and collaboration is key to improve global quality and safety standards. Authenticity and genuine accountability is a rising trend in not just the fashion industry, but all industries. There is an overabundance of media in the marketplace today, and consumers are increasingly more informed and can detect signs of artificiality. Utilize Last Look not only to improve standards on the back end of your company, but on the front end as well. Help educate, inform, and inspire your consumers!


Top 5 Wedding Destinations for Globetrotters

02 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd

Planning a wedding is like juggling 100 balls at once. When you are making essential decisions for your “big day” you want to make sure everything is on point. Furthermore, it always helps to receive as many opinions and insights as you can. Acting as a primary means of communication, Last Look can help make your decisions painless and stress free. Add your bridesmaids to one group to find the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses or add your parents to get their advice on what space to have the rehearsal dinner. By having your “projects” conveniently organized, your wedding will be a piece of cake!

If you are one who likes to have loads of photos, then the search tool will be key. Upload as many options as you want and narrow it down by reading the comments and concerns of your peers. You can also keep your wedding party in sync with new approvals and updates. If they aren’t consistently using the app, but you want their insight, you can try exporting your approved photos and send them via email to hear their thoughts.

A wedding location may be something more personal that you and your fiancé may want to decide together. Last Look can still come in handy when uploading photos back and forth throughout the day when the two of you aren’t planning together. You can comment throughout the week and then sit down together during the weekend to review. To help jumpstart your planning, check out the top five wanderlust wedding destinations.

Bali : Eco Paradise Bambu Indah




South Africa: Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, Western Cape




India: Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur



Umaid Bhawan Palace/Jodhpur/India

Aspen: Hotel Jerome Auberg Resorts

gal_hotel2 (1)  gal_wed_wheeler1 (1)

gal_accom_execste2 (1)

Croatia : Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik