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May 7, 2015



How To Organize Your Images for Social Media

07 May 2015 | No Comments | LASTLOOK Team

We use the LASTLOOK app internally at our company every day for all different kinds of projects. One of the key ways we use it is for images we publish on social media. The CEO, Andréa Marcucci, reviews everything we publish to make sure it’s on brand. For instance, in this project, Claire, our head of marketing, uploaded photos for a feature on fashion designers on Mondays. The options for the photos for each designer were uploaded into LASTLOOK, so Andréa could easily review which ones she approved, and which ones she didn’t like.


On Claire’s end, it was super simple to see which ones were set to go on social media, and which ones were a no go. From there, Claire kept track of the ones she had posted, and those that were approved and not yet posted, by making comments on the photo.


Finally, if Andréa saw something on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, she didn’t remember approving, she could go back in the activity feed and check out whether or not she had in fact approved it, and at what moment.


Using LASTLOOK for this approval process saves us tons of time and keeps everyone accountable. Have you tried using LASTLOOK with your marketing team internally? Leave us your feedback in the comment box below and let us know how you used the app for marketing or social media.