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June 17, 2014


5 Questions

5 Questions for Writer and Designer, Howard Collinge

17 June 2014 | No Comments | LASTLOOK Team
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Though much of his career has been spent creating international advertising campaigns for brands like Levi’s, Audi and MTV, so much of Howard Collinge’s work falls well outside the world of advertising. He’s a partner in Architecture, Branding and Design firm, a founder of a publication and e-commerce platform that explores the style and ideas of the most interesting and “unique” people in history, and started his own fashion label inspired by the care and love of grandmothers.  He’s also created an award-winning branded entertainment series for Snoop Dogg, and written and published “Beautiful Economics – How Art, Design, Beauty and Unicorns Will Save the Universe”, which launched alongside a re-imagined version of the NASDAQ stock ticker. Collinge once placed stuffed fake birds in trees around New York City, delivering twitter posts to passers-by. Collinge has spent his professional life navigating the intersection between creativity and commerce, and though he’s constantly juggling a handful of different projects, he recently emailed us from his studio at Neuehouse, a shared workspace for entrepreneurs and creative professionals to discuss his theories on economics, some of his recent projects, and his “Unique Creatures” platform.


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