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The Importance of Social Media Strategy

14 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd Over the past ten years the entire digital marketing landscape has transformed. Social media engagement with your consumers through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat has become a vital asset to increase exposure, leads, and sales. Social applications allow users to connect with brands quickly and freely, which also means […]

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Geomarketing: Last Look App Brings An ‘On-Demand’ Angle To Content Approval

10 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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Thank you GeoMarketing for the interview. Exciting things to come for Last Look! See below for full article. Last Look App Brings An ‘On-Demand’ Angle To Content Approval By Lauryn Chamberlain May 9, 2016 — 12:33 pm With the rise of the “uberfication” of everything, a plethora of consumer-facing apps have sprung up to address […]

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How Last Look Can Help With Supply Chain Management

04 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd “Sustainability”, a buzzy topic over the past few years as brands as begin to further embrace eco-friendly initiatives.  By educating consumers about transparency, all brands can unite and make a difference. Reflecting on this past Fashion Revolution Week, we saw brands, consumers, and everyone in between, come together to enforce transparency and […]

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Top 5 Wedding Destinations for Globetrotters

02 May 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd Planning a wedding is like juggling 100 balls at once. When you are making essential decisions for your “big day” you want to make sure everything is on point. Furthermore, it always helps to receive as many opinions and insights as you can. Acting as a primary means of communication, Last Look […]

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2016 Tribeca Film Festival: Leveraging Last Look to Receive a Rave Review

26 April 2016 | No Comments | Kara Ladd
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By: Kara Ladd As the Annual Tribeca Film Festival 2016 comes to a close, we take a look back at the awe-inspiring stories, exceptional cinematography and the amount of hardwork and dedication that went into each film. A team collaborates on each step of movie production from ideation to execution through scriptwriting, shooting, and editing […]

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Andréa Marcucci's Productivity Tips

Productivity Tip XLVII

Being Productive will make you happier.

Constantly being productive can a daunting proposition. The idea of always working towards your goals without setting aside time to just relax isn’t one most people relish. But the reality is that the actual act of completing tasks and remaining productive will actually make you feel happy and content. Plus, the longer you work at improving your productivity, the easier it will become for you to integrate new strategies into your life that will help you improve even further.

Andréa Marcucci's Productivity Tips

Productivity Tip XLVI

Slow Down.

It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s often better to do things slowly. It gives you more time to think things out and make sure they’re done right, so that you don’t have to re-visit them in the future or fix any mistakes you made by rushing through your work. It might take longer in the short term, but you’ll save time and be more productive in the long run.

Andréa Marcucci's Productivity Tips

Productivity Tip XLV

Find time for Play.

Spending your entire day thinking about your business and professional life will wear you out mentally. Do this long enough and things – both personal and professional – will fall through the cracks. So find some time for yourself, time to relax and not worry about your professional life. In the end, time set aside for you and your personal hobbies will lead to a huge improvement in your productivity.

Andréa Marcucci's Productivity Tips

Productivity Tip XLIV

The Long Term is just as important as the short term.

It’s easy for day-to-day dealings to dominate your field of view, but the long term is equally important. Set aside time to think about long term goals. Then, make a plan of how to achieve each of them, and then work that plan into your day to day routine.

Andréa Marcucci's Productivity Tips

Productivity Tip XLIII

Carve out time where you’re unavailable to others.

Time on your own is just as important as time with others. It gives you the opportunity to think things over, to plan out your course of action on larger projects without interruption from others. In a constantly connected world, time alone is one of the most valuable commodities you can have.